Enrico Morelli

Was born in Barletta in 1979, dancer and choreographer he started his studies in his home town. In 1999 he graduated from the Dance National Academy and starting attending the specialization class for dance teachers.From 1997 to 2003 he works with the Fondazione Concerti N.Puccini, Arte e Balletto by Milena Zullo, the Piccini Ballettand with Micha Van Hooke in the lyric oevre L’Olimpiade. In 2004 he joins the MMCompany directed by Michele Merola. From 2003 to 2007 he creates different choreographies fore the Astra Roma Ballet directed by Diana Ferrara, Scuola del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, The Kaos dance company in Florence, Dominich Walsh Dance Theatre( Houston Texas- USA) and for Fabio Grossi for the 36th edition of the Positano Price. Lately he is a dancer and assistant choreographer for MMContemporary Dance Company.